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Public Transport with Safety and Quality in mind

Risse Reisen services the routes of our Daughtercompany go.on. All informationen on the routes, time tables and fares can be found on the website of go.on! As go.on we strife for excelence in safety, comfort and reliability in public transport!


Our quality standards

Everything in view

For your safety our buses are equipped with video survailance. At least 4 cameras record everything that is going on in the bus so that you can relax, feel safe and thieves don't even try taking the lost phone or wallet.


Accessible public transport for everyone

Our buses are equipped with a ramp for wheelchair or stroller access. And to make getting on even easier the busses also have kneeling technology that allows for the bus to be lowered to the curb height.


Large open spaces at the second door provide an easy and safe place to park a stroller or sit in a wheelchair while the bus is underway.

We keep you informed

Our busses are equipped with the most up-to-date onboard computers that provide live data to almost every big internet plattform. This way you can always check if your bus is on time: On the screens at the major bus stops, on the Departureboards in our WEBApp or on a lot of public transport websites.


Always at the right place

The on board displays always show you the current route and next stops so you always know where you are at.

Always online

In cooperaation with the nph we offer free WiFi on board of our buses. Just connect to the fahr-mit network, agree to our terms of use and you are online. There is no need for any password.


Environmentally friendly and clean public transport

Almost 100% of our busses fall in the exhaust classification Euro 6 which means overall they are cleaner than electrical busses. This way our bus lines are not only an affordable alternative to your car but also the cleaner option.